Battle Plans

We made a budget, we made an Excel spreadsheet of the high end and low end choices, we've written down the codes, we've arranged the options, secured transport, called in reinforcements. I think we're ready.

Tomorrow we go to Ikea for the big pre-move furniture quest.

Kid F;ash's apartment is sort of limited on closet space, so we need a wardrobe, and I need a work space that is a bit better than the cheap drafting table I've used since art school. But we've also priced lighting, a counter top for the kitchen, lots of shelving options... it's going to be a big trip, almost as much stuff as I'll be moving on Thursday. (Well... maybe not quite, but it seems that way.)

The internal re-arrangement has begun at KF's place, clearing out some furniture to make room for my stuff, or the new stuff. Shifting the rest so that I have a comfortable fit. It's all rather difficult to do in the 90ยบ+ heat. But things are taking shape. tomorrow is the first really big, "It's real now" moments. I'm looking forward to it.

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