The Camping Post

Well, I'm back from my camping weekend. Kid Flash and I visited two state parks, one national park, hiked about 15 miles, visited two Victorian era mansions, found 7 geocaches, saw a dozen or more deers, rode out one big ugly storm, and had a great time. Unfortunately because I'm splitting time between two houses these days my camera is not here so I haven't uploaded photos yet. (Sad, I know. I'll get to it tomorrow.)

Neither of us had any idea of the history of the area and the houses that lined the Hudson until we discovered that there was one in the very park where we were staying. So when we ran short of hiking to be done on the weekend we visited the Vanderbilt Mansion at Hyde Park as well. This is the little brother to the Biltmore Estates that was in the area where I grew up. Biltmore being the largest house built by the Vanderbilt children, Hyde Park being the smallest. We've discussed going back to visit a few of the other estates, (there are 13 great estates on the Hudson, give or take) later in the summer.

Photos to follow!

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