June 12 of 12: Macros

12th day! Time for some photos. This month I decided to do macros. We're examining our lives in minute detail, right? Might as well show it. To see the 12 of 12 from the other participants check Chad Darnell's blog here.

I actually started a bit late today, I woke up ro find dead batteries in my camera, so I had to wait until I was on the way to work to buy some replacements and swap out. I realized later that I could've pulled the batteries from my GPS, but it hadn't occurred to me this morning.

Work, work, work. Trying to design some plasma stands for an event that we're working on.

One of the office plants. I've been told that it started as one small plant some 10 years ago, and now has babies on basically every window sill in the office.

My pen cup at my desk. I keep a dozen or more markers and pens in there, but I rarely use anything other than my ballpoint, or my trusty 2H.

Buying lunch. I love the contrast between the two different types of baby greens.

Part of my afternoon snack.

On the way home I stopped off to try and buy a new alarm clock. Kid Flash doesn't always remember to reset the alarm, (he leaves the apartment about an hour before I get up most mornings) so I need one of those dual alarms. No one in the city seems to seel anything other than the basics, or alarms that are shaped like flowers, or that do fancy things like tell you the temperature and change colors. Where is the alarm clock district so I can get a decent clock?

Between apartments. I had to stop at the old place to pick up my card reader so that I could get at these pics. I move in with KF one week from today, but I've slept at the old apartment only twice in the last three weeks.

At KF's, tonight's task was to start shifting his furniture around to make room for me. That means moving books basically, lots and lots of books.

Oh, and a few creepy dolls. Those had to get moved too. I know they are childhood possessions, and I'd never ask him to part with them... but do they have to look at me like that?

Sarah's paw. The kitties are about 85% at this point. They are still separated at night, mainly because we have to close the door to air condition the room, and they don't quite get along well enough yet to live in a confined space for 8 hours with no problems. They are getting there though.

My bedtime snack, a white peach. I'm so glad that summer produce is starting to show up! I snapped this pic, and then started my uploads. Another month, another 12.

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