It's not so bad that I want to stand in the street and lick ice with the other urchins, but it's pretty bad. I know I complained about the cold weather sticking around for so long, but this is a bit beyond the pale.

This evening the weather really stirred up though, 70 mph winds, and driving rain for about 15 minutes, with some big lightening strikes and thunder. 70 mph is officially Tropical Storm force wind, which frankly is a bit unsettling from the 5th floor of a building. Hopefully the storm will cool things off a bit for tomorrow. I've actually resorted to wearing short sleeves. In public! Which has always been a no-no for me. Somewhere long ago I decided that a properly dressed person never wore a shirt that featured both a button and a short sleeve (I still find this somewhat true). But it is much easier to deal with fashion dictates like that in the south where everything is over air conditioned and you only really deal with the heat in small bursts as you move from place to place. Living in an un-air conditioned apartment, and 15 minute walks between the subway and the office quickly change your mind.

By the way, if you are curious the picture came from the Library of Congress Photo Archives, and I spotted it on Shorpy. It was taken during a heatwave in 1911 NYC.

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