To iPhone or Not?

Everyone knew that the third generation iPhone was being announced today. A few people even thought that it might get released today as well. I swore that i wouldn't upgrade to the new iPhone unless it had 32 gigs of memory. My current iPod has 16 gigs and is basically full. To add photos, games, contacts, and the bigger operating system of the iPhone I'd have to give up some of my music. So when they announced that the two sizes will still be 8 and 16 gigs, I figured I'd wait it out until the next generation, and hope. And then they announced that it has GPS. That's two devices it could eliminate for me, a phone and a GPSr. That MIGHT be enough to sway me even with the smaller memory. The question is how the GPS functions. Is it a fully functional GPS, where I can enter coordinates to get to, or is it a car type GPS where I can only enter addresses for directions? When that question is answered I'll know whether or not I'll be upgrading. It sure is pretty, and tempting though.

2 Response to "To iPhone or Not?"

  • Dingle Says:

    I have the old iphone and I love it! I must say though...i am pretty sad that i can't have the newest one. It bugs me that technology comes and goes so quickly...I'm already behind...again.

  • thadmoore Says:

    Couple of comments:
    a) It's the 2nd gen, though with 3G (AT&T's faster web network) capability.
    b) The GPS doesn't (of yet) act as a GPSr; it integrates with apps, like GMaps. (Wait for a hack...)