Where's That Horse?

Wow. When I fall out of the saddle, I do it HARD, huh? Sorry about that, I'll do my best to get things moving again here before I get too terribly far behind in my year long promise. The move just took a huge chunk of my life away, and the day after that I went away for a three day marathon of roller derby, and then when I got back to the city I had to deal with all these... boxes... and furniture to put together, and... stuff. Not a lot of which got dealt with frankly. All of the furniture has finally been assembled, minus my desk, which has been partially done, but since it is a Frankenstein (Ikea-stein?) of several components I can't complete it until it is in place, which is currently occupied by other belongings. But we are getting closer. The old sofa is gone, there is a bookcase leaving tonight (hopefully) and we have posted several other things at Freecycle and in the Free section of Craigslist to try and get rid of them. We're already sick of boxes and cardboard and not being able to move in the apartment. Hopefully this weekend will be a big push to get past most of that though.

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