Cat Update

Well, the kitties have calmed quite a bit. The program for the past two weeks has been Sarah isolated in the bedroom during the day while the house is empty, and at night when we sleep, and supervised visitations between them while we are at home. There has been very little hissing or spitting, most of it has been due to Ted's tendency to RUN everywhere he goes, and Sarah's dislike of seeing him running towards her. When he approaches slowly they can often get and stay withing 2 or three feet of each other for long periods with no problems.

Ted however can be a bit aggressive. The second he gets access to the bedroom he pees in her litter, which of course she hates, and I have to think that he knows running at her at full tilt isn't the best way to win her over. We have NO idea how to solve the litter box problem, short of changing it every night when we go to bed so that she has clean litter at all times. Once we stop isolating her however, we don't know what to do.

Ted has also gone back to "suckling" on clothing, though that has lessened as the weeks have gone on. I think he is just adjusting to a less social household. At the old apartment there was someone awake (amongst the three of us) pretty much 24 hours, here of course he doesn't have that, so he may just be lonely.

Sarah spends most of her time in corners and under furniture when they are both free, though she has at least started leaving the bedroom when she gets the chance. She used to sleep a lot in the living room chair, and on the sofa, but I haven't seen her in either place since he arrived.

We're hopeful that they are getting acclimated though, since as I said, there have been no major battles between them, and even the hissing has subsided. We'll see what happens in 14 more days when the MAJOR changes happen, all the furniture gets moved, changed, eliminated, etc. Almost everything in the apartment is changing in some way, so it should be an interesting time for ol'Sarah.

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