12 Weeks of Christmas, Week One: If You Have A Million Dollars

For this first group of potential gifts I decided to dream big! So if any you are multi-millionaires, and feel like picking up... well... just a little something for me... here are a few ideas:

A Private Island

I've had my eye on this island for quite a while now, and I've watched the price drop by several hundred thousand dollars, to the point where now they don't even list a price. The description has been re-written a few times and the images of the houses on the island have changed, as the realtors try to find a buyer for it. A hundred and sixty acres and an in-place infrastructure off the coast of Ireland sounds like the perfect place for me to retire from the entire world and paint. Don't you think? What I'd be getting for your money... 9 houses of varying sizes and types, a 9-hole golf course, a private generator and water system for the island, and a beach house in the shape of a mock ship-wreck. Hell... I'd probably open up the whole place as a gay resort.

A New York City Apartment

Another piece of prime real estate, the layout and visuals of this apartment seem like they would make for an amazing living experience. I love towering windows like this, and converted industrial spaces always seem like they would make incredible apartments. Plus the monthly maintenance fees are less than what I'm paying for my share of rent at my current place... there's just that pesky 1.7 Million fee to move in that I really need help with.

A Savannah Townhouse

If New York city real estate seems pricey then maybe a more modest investment in my hometown of Savannah would make a better gift? My very first apartment was just a few blocks from this house, which is on Whitfield Square, one of my favorite places in Savannah. Whitfield Square has a great little gazebo in the middle where I used to spend a lot of time. (It's one of the most popular wedding spots in the city.) The house has a garden! And it's already on the Registry of Historic Homes. Three bedrooms, so I could easily convert one to a studio and still have a place for my mom stay when she visits. I think this one's one heck of a deal!

Or Maybe a Treehouse?

Not sure where I'd put this one, but the idea of it intrigues me immensely. Treehouses have always had a particular appeal to me and this one certainly has class. Maybe my mom would let me put it between the pines on the edge of her property? It would give me a place to stay when I went home for visits. Plus it appeals to the geek within because it not only reminds me of the Ewok Village, but of Tayledras Ekeles.

3 Response to "12 Weeks of Christmas, Week One: If You Have A Million Dollars"

  • michelle Says:

    the powerball is up to 205 mil...that's around 101 mil for the cash out, minus 35 mil for taxes...if i win and buy the island, can i live there, too? i can live in the stone cottage, write lesbian smut, bake bread and walk naked on the beach.

  • Cully Says:

    Sure! I say we buy it, succeed from Ireland and found our own nation. No point in doing things in half steps. The island is big enough that we could probably get our families on comfortably without too much personal overlap. Cullylandia? How do you like the sound of that?

  • michelle Says:

    if it's named after you, then i get to make all the rules...supreme being michelle says off with your head.