Am I A Mutant?

I've spoken here before about the way that coincidences frequently occur in my life, to the point that I often wonder if physics and I actually agree on anything.

Today, for the first time I have evidence of my own thoughts affecting the world around me.

Leaving the theatre this afternoon I was thinking to myself about having met one of the actors from this summer on the street Saturday. In point of fact I've run into several of them over the weeks since returning to New York. Ahead of me was a man who superficially looked like the choreographer from the summer, who is also here in the city. I smiled to myself at the possibility of seeing him, just as I was thinking of seeing any of them. I stopped at a crosswalk and turned from west to north. And there he was.

In the crowd on the other side of the street, waiting to cross, was the choreographer who I had just been thinking of. We had a brief hug and reunion in the middle of the street, both hurrying on to our own busy lives.

But there it was, the observer altering the quantum reality, except this time with his thoughts.

10 Response to "Am I A Mutant?"

  • MissUnderstood Says:

    I know that your post is a year old, but I thought maybe I should comment on it since some of the things you said in your blog have happend to me. Also other really strange occurances are happening to me. Recently I have felt as if the erratic weather changes have had something to do with me. When I confronted my friend about it she laughed and told me to prove it. So we went outside on my balcony. It was a normal hot day. She told me to make it rain. So we sat outside and literally about 3 minutes later the weather had went from sunny and hot to cloudy breezy and cold. Then came the heavy rain and lightning so we had to go inside. As she was staring outside of my window she said it was probably coincidence and said If it gets sunny in the next 5 minutes she will believe me. So I sat at my window just looking at the sky. Literally 1 minute later the sky had cleared up and it was as if it had never happend. Till this day she thinks Im a witch or something. Alot of weird weather occurances such as that have been happening really frequently. Could this just be some sort of really big coincidence?

  • Anonymous Says:

    Same here strange things and im in middle school! Okay what happened was it was a very very very hot day, and me and my friend were at her house on her trampoline sitting in the heat.their wasnt even a speck of clouds in the sky so to be stupid i lifted my hands up high and said in my head to the wind to blow a gentle breeze. she asked me wat i was doin, i said tryin to make it breezy here. And while we were talking a nice breeze blew by.she looked at me an said do that again when it stopped i did and it blew AGAIN!!! Ten she said make it stop, so again i willed it in my mind to make it stop and 1 sec later it stopped.I can still do it sometimes but now my friend liks to call me Wind god.So my question is that could people be gaining pwrs now or am i nutzz????

  • isthistrue Says:

    have u been in touch with radiation?
    or brain damage im not kidding?
    did u touch something strange?

  • Anonymous Says:

    I have the same felling to. Sometimes I think in my head something that a human or an animal to do something that I want them to do and minutes later they do it. At first I thought it was a nothing. Then I did the impossible and And I controlled a person do something while I was thinking it so I can control every animal and every human.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Trust me i know how most of you feel. Ive had 6 Encounters myself. I was walking in my hall n i stopped and though to myself man i hate bright lights. Then the light in the hall just blew right up and burned out. Another time i was feeling high like you would if you smoked weed. But i didn't and I realized that i felt warm and high do the lighting substances around me.One month ago my brother Charles and I were arm wrestling and thinking of new handshakes and i shocked him 8 times. Later that night at wrk I shocked every customer That I handed money too. Tell me is that weird or WHAT!!!.

  • nightshade Says:

    I thought u were in middle school I am too and I have similar things I can do I can control fire when I was in my aunts bathroom I saw a candle coverd by glass I went to it and started to make it stand still fliker become bigger then I would move it north south east west evrywhere. Then when I lived in my old home and there was a canddle light a long glass cover flame I passed my it not moving fast the flame followed me everywhere. Then I also have great sences ik can sence when ur far or near and I have amazing felxibilities I heal quick too and I'm a girl idk I felt like sayin that and I think I might have more abilities.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I have had something simalar, this guy at my school has no respect for girls, he is constantly touching them and grabbing them, and I just irritates me so to tonight I was randomly thinking of all the things he has done and I got a lot of anger and suddenly it felt like something sharp was coming out of my hand as befor I could look there was bother but a little scar on my knuckle

  • Anonymous Says:

    I have had the same thing happen to me. About a 3 years ago I was on my laptop and I got a shock from it. The next day I was in a maths test at school and aceed it, I was one of the least intelligent at school. Then we had sport later that day and we were playing a game of soccer, and I had the ball. I started to run, no one was able to catch up with me and I am terrable at runing because I have heaps of growing pains. Then the strangest thing happend, one of my team mates went slapt me on my back and I turned around and grabed his hand and put him in a headlock with his own arm. I didn't mean to do it, but it just happend.
    Another thing happend last year when I was in a arm wrestle with kids in my IT class and these were realy strong guys, but somehow I was able to beat then all, even the IT teacher. I have been looking into this and these events have been occuring in peoples early teens. It started when I was 13 my strengh, intelligence and speed have increased dramatically. Im able to charge small aplieces with my hands, I can lift 4 times my own weight and can out run a gray hound. Im great at archery, fencing and mathamatics. Sometime I might disrupt electical appliences when I walk past them and shock my friends when I touch them.
    What is causing this?

  • Anonymous Says:

    I have had similar things happening since I was around 7 years of age, I am not 18!

    It is so hard to explain, when things happen, it is like a sharp energy, through your hands from your head (a pulsing feeling). I can move things, slightly (which scares me :( ).

    I can change peoples moods, which is very had to explain? any ideas

    Also the weather,

    That is all, I hate myself, I hate not being normal :(

  • Anonymous Says:

    I know I already added something but lately I've been getting more quicker and more faster too..just a lot of stuff happening
    Okay so when I was playing capture the flag the other day I wasn't going tat fast in running so all of a sudden I started to think of a fast animal then my legs started to go faster then where ever the person I was chasing going I was be able to move quick and follow his moves I even got a grown man way older then me and I moved real quick and some days I would try to move objects so I made an air freshener come out of the plug half way and when I get mad its like I grow more strenght I can feel different crowds of ppls emotions like the more older I get the stronger it gets and different stuff occurs then when my moms car doesn't start I make it start when it won't its really weird and lately I've been feeling real diff