Not Dead Yet, But Maybe Soon

Everyone has off weeks, you know? For me this hasn't so much been an off week as an "on" one. Wednesday Thursday and Friday of last week I spent working in the mornings at a theatre that I work for frequently here in Manhattan. Every day at 2 the actors would take the stage and I'd pack my bags and head to the hinterlands of Queens to attend the technical rehearsals for show I did out there. (This being the show that I accepted as a favor to a friend who needed to get to his family in NoLa). This was an hour and a half train ride going out and about two hours, fifteen minutes coming back because the trains had gone local by the time. I was getting in at an average time of 1 am, then getting up to be at work in Manhattan by 9.

That show opened on Friday, by was replaced in my schedule by a show that I had agreed to costume. It seemed like a much simpler assignment at first but hard to please actors and wishy-washy directors plagued my progress. Please, Baby Jesus save me from actors with ideas, and directors with none!

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were spent frantically building the set that I had gotten behind on last week. Yesterday I was here from 10am until 3am, painting and building, sometimes with actors onstage. I returned this morning at 9am for the first tech. That ended at 6, but I had to hustle to my costuming job which also began tech today! Then back here to finish things. I expect to leave at roughly 2.

Tomorrow will be much the same, except that the show here will be open, and I will have just the costume job to concentrate on for a day or two, until I have to convert the set I am building now for the next show, which is sharing this design. Are you confused yet? I am, I'll admit. Suffice to say that accepting the show from my friend put a serious crook in the way that my planning usually runs.

I ache for Thursday to get here, because I know I can sleep in, at least for a little while. Of course sleeping in right now would be 6 hours, instead of 3.

I hope to be back to my normal form by next week. I have a few good sketches from al those long train rides that I hope to start posting soon. Thanks for your patience.

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