October Eyes

"Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings, now for October eyes!" -Humbert Wolfe.

I've always loved that quote. I never have been able to find the rest of the poem, everyone simply quotes that portion, (unless, and this just occurred to me, that IS the poem... Aha!) but I've had a clipping from a magazine with that quote that has been pinned to a couple dozen bulletin boards over the years, wherever I've worked or lived. There's something about Autumn that makes gets me into a romantic mood.

Now, everyone knows that when you are actively looking for someone romantically you'll never find who you're looking for... So let it be known that I am certainly NOT looking for anyone who even vaguely fits the following descriptions:

An astronomer who will spend the afternoon explaining his latest research to me while I pretend to listen, really just watching the way his lips move and contemplating what they would feel like to kiss.

A theoretical mathematician with thick blonde hair on his forearms that shimmers like gold when he plays his guitar in the sunshine.

An ex-college baseball player turned novelist who spends his days in diners and the park transcribing conversations that he's eavesdropped on. He'd read me the good parts over cheap red wine and cheese.

A redheaded painter who creates giant canvases based on myths from his Celtic heritage.

A comic book geek who would go to the shop with me on Wednesday afternoons and then spend the evening swapping books while we shared sushi and argued over the best Avengers line-up.

A former boy scout who will take me hiking and won't mind setting up the tent because I want to finish one more watercolor before the light goes.

So PLEASE, if any of this sounds like you... drop me a line so that we can... NOT... uhm... start an email conversation, and then later NOT move into an apartment in the East Village with a dachshund. 'Cause I certainly DO NOT want that to happen.

Nope. Not at all.

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