Thinking of Leaving, Again

My desperation earlier this week to get out of the country and do something continues to plague my thoughts, but I'm feeling much more settled about things now that I've decided to make it happen.

The unfortunate news is that I accepted a show for the week that I was originally planning, so I'll have to be in NYC for Christmas day, and the following week, regardless of how I feel about it. The good news is that when I told BFE Michelle that I was considering going to Peru and hiking from Cuzco to Machu Picchu her curiousity was piqued. Seems that she's been craving this sort of a trip as well. For years we've discussed doing something similar to this in the Yucattan, as well as the possibility of the Appalachian trail. I sent her all the information that I had on the trip earlier this week so that she could peruse it for herself and see what she thought. If she decides to go I would reschedule the trip for mid-January, if she doesn't then I think I will still go alone and leave NYC on the 30th of December. This is the kind of thing that I have wanted to do for a few years now, not only visiting the ruins of another civilization, but hiking for 4 days to get there. I need the adventure of that right now I think. Reckon the tour guide will mind me stopping to sketch occassionally?

6 Response to "Thinking of Leaving, Again"

  • michelle Says:

    the main problem i'm facing is trying to find time to lose a little weight and prepare myself for the whole higher elevations thing. i looked at all the websites and none of them had pictures of fat people walking up the mountains...ummm.

  • Cully Says:

    In the Lonley Planet FAQ they talk about 60-year-olds hiking it. There is also the possibility of hiring a porter to take most of it and just carrying your own day bag. I think you can do it!!

  • michelle Says:

    pay someone to carry the fat girl's bags? i think not! if i have to kill myself climbing, i have to do it myself. ps...nov 17th is the first day i will be a non-smoker. maybe that will help!

  • Jessica Says:

    The elevation thing can pose a bit of a problem though. I was at 2000 meters above sea level when I was in Mexico, and it was rough on all of us for the first week, even the skinny in-shape people! But I think he's right, Michelle, you can do it if you want to!

  • zephyr Says:

    so cool
    i wanna go too
    yeah, the sudden altitude thing can really make you sick...some people take it in stride but most of us suffer...i went from sea level to just 7,000 feet and it was really hard...i did not adjust in the week i was there
    check out one of the trekking companies they will surely know about the medication i heard about that helps with this...the person who told me about it is a real health nut usually, so i don't think it is horrible in any way...but who knows, better safe than sorry...i hope you get to do it!!!

    love your subway series...fantastic!