I'm Thinking of Leaving

My sister called me today to update me on the holiday plans for the family. We have started a semi-tradition of traveling as a family for the holidays. This year my mom and sister and brother in=law have decided to visit me in the city rather than all of us going elsewhere as we did last year. The problem is that they are coming early in the month because they both have classes and finals to deal with later.

BFE Michelle has decided that she is traveling to her home state of Alabama for the holidays.

That leaves me... well... nowhere.

Today I decided that I wasn't happy about that. I of course have a standing offer to go to Alabama or home to my mom's. I could probably find somewhere to be in Savannah. Roommate K invited me to go with him to Philly today. But while having lunch with Alison today my mind latched onto an idea that I can't let go of: going Somewhere.

Somewhere, with a capital 'S.' Paris, or Rome, or Prague, or Cairo, or Istanbul, or Athens. I've checked prices to all of those places and flying out of JFK on Christmas day, and returning on New Year's day, two very light travel days traditionally, I can get to most of them for less than $500. Now I just have to determine if there will be anything to do in any of these places at that time of year. I've been looking for a book on Christmas travel, but it doesn't seem to exist. I've found a few articles at places like Lonely Planet, but nothing substantially informative. This is going to take some further research, but I think... I pretty much know at this point, that my passport is getting a new stamp soon.

1 Response to "I'm Thinking of Leaving"

  • pedalpower Says:

    Looking forward to hearing where you will go...very exciting to someone who only dreams of travel at the moment. And of course, when you look and look for a certain type of book and can't find it....there is a hole in the book world. Your trip could be the start of research on just such a guide?