Financial Challenges

Today makes it official. One full week after my Olympian hike... I'm still in pain. I've taken more Advil, and worn more Therma-Care heat wraps, than I ever have before. I've also completed more consecutive days wearing my brace than ever before.

I've come to the conclusion that I may have seriously damaged myself, and that it's time to do something about it.

Here is where the life of a freelancer gets tricky. I have no insurance, and despite having one of the better years of my life artistically my bank account isn't exactly overflowing. The last time I had my knee examined I had to have multiple x-rays and several follow up visits. Of course the last time I had insurance, because I was in grad school. That visit was ultimately fruitless because the doctor essentially said that whatever was wrong wasn't advanced enough to diagnose. The pain subsided, and became just an occasional nuisance, so I never followed up on it. My self prescribed and drug store purchased brace has gotten me through the worst of it.

That is until now. Now I'm faced with the eternal freelancer's challenge: finding healthcare, but not paying for it. At least not paying much. I'll be researching this more thoroughly tomorrow, there has to be something for this situation in this city. There are just too many people here in similar positions for there not to be. (New York readers, I'm open to suggestions.)

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