12 of 12: April

It's the 12th, so time once again for Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 project. To see every participant from this month check the post here. On to my day!

Breakfast time. For the past couple months I've been obsessed with 5 Grain Cereal from Bob's Red Mill. Think oatmeal, but a step up. Delicious with brown sugar, slivered almonds and the dried cherries that Kid Flash's mom brought us over Christmas. (That's the cereal stored in that jar.)

Lots to take care of this weekend, including finishing up some trading cards that I've been working on. I did a batch of these a couple years ago towards the end of the project, but this time I wa sin on the ground floor. I have until Wednesday to get them finished, and still a few to do. (This pic might look a bit weird because they are arrayed on my light box.)

Mid afternoon I head down to the Children's theatre to start the load-in for Rikki Tikki Tavi, the show I posted the sketch for a few days ago. This guy was on the platform, must have had a rough Easter morning... or a bit much communion wine. (Do they do communion on Easter?)

Downtown at the stop for the theatre. A more... personalized... looking conductor than these signs usually sport.

I had done the costumes for the previous show, so my first task at the theatre was to clean up the dressing rooms and put the costumes back into storage.

By the time I was done with that the previous set was pretty much gone, and my set had started to go up.

While the carpenters were hard at work on the set I started stitching together some of the many cushions and pillows that I need for the set.

Easter dinner. Cheese pizza at the theatre.

The carps at work assembling set pieces.

Stitching the seat cushion for the nook on the set closed.

This is what things looked like at the theatre when I left for the evening. I plan for my daily 365 shots this week to replicate this shot and position every night as the set progresses, so check back if you are interested to see it as it moves towards what the set sketch looked like (hopefully.)

Back at my home station, headed up to do a couple more card sketches, post these pics and head to bed!! See you next month.

5 Response to "12 of 12: April"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Your photos are amazing!

  • Chris Says:

    Was that guy sleeping? That looks about as uncomfortable as humanly possible! (And I think in some churches that every day is communion day...)

    Nice 12!!

  • Cully Says:

    Sleeping... passed out.... who am I to judge?

  • TJ Says:

    I enjoyed your photos. I like the last one at the train terminal. I like the one with the guy sleeping and lastly the one with the picture box. I also found it funny about the pizza for Easter dinner, as that's something I would do. In fact I had cereal for Easter dinner. I need to get out more. Thanks for sharing!

  • Pete Says:

    That guy would have had a heck of a neck ache when he woke up/came round!