New Fridge!

After 11 days, or as Kid Flash pointed out 3% of a year, we finally have a new refrigerator to replace our poor one that gave up the ghost last week. There's a lot of stuff that you sort of take for granted when you have a fridge that you don't really realize you will miss. Having cold water was the big one for us. No ice, no pitcher of chilled water, after a few days you really start to miss it. Not having condiments was another. I had to dispose of several months worth of accumulated condiments and pickles, the depth of breadth of which was pretty amazing. Curry pastes, preserved lemons, pickled eggplants, Japanese and Chinese sauces, and of course my beloved Duke's. (It's okay, I stocked up while I was at home over Christmas!) We spent pretty much every day eating out, having nowhere to store either ingredients, or left-overs, and we were forced to finish everything that we ordered in, because again... nowhere to store it.

I am left with a few mysteries though... there are some odd drawers and shelves in the new unit that don't seem to have much purpose, and an odd metallic button type thing centered on the front of the door, which again seems purposeless. The online product manual gives me detailed instructions on how to use the included ice trays, but is mum on the subject of the drawers and the button.

I'm just happy to have a working appliance again. I guess I'll accept the mystery as part of the service.

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