Rikki Tikki Tavi Build: Day 2

Well, this is the state of things on day two. Starting to take form. There wasn't a lot for me to do today, the children's theatre luckily has a great staff that carries on the building during the day while I am at my office job.

My big accomplishment for me today was finding the fabric for the curtain surround that I planned. I had hoped that Materials For The Arts (a local organization that provides free materials to non-profit orgs) would have the cloth I wanted, but they failed me this time. So on the way to the theatre I hit my favorite Chinatown fabric store and managed to haggle them down to $5 a yard on some beautiful crushed silk that is going to look GREAT on the set. That stuff lights like a dream. Earlier today I haggled the fine folks at Pier 1 down on a floor model wicker vase that wanted. It was marked $60, but the neck was broken so I took it away for $20. A little hot glue and no one will notice from stage. Now I just have to find two more...

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