In a few weeks the first intraleague game in the GGRD season will be played, so tonight was the traditional "Derbytaunt" the unveiling of the new players to the world, and the announcement of what teams they will be playing for. I went out to see my friend Ali get inducted. Ali has now become my own private Kevin Bacon. It started when moved here from Savannah, so she already had a connection to that set of friends. Then she met and befriended some of my geek friends, and some of my gay friends, now she has made her way into the derby world and knows my derby friends... all she really lacks is getting to know my theatre friends and my geocaching friends and she really would become the lynchpin in my personal collection of acquaintances.

Ali has chosen the name "Knockturn Ali" as her derby name, a fine choice, and she was drafted onto the Queens of Pain, her fondest wish I believe. I look forward to seeing her skate on the 25th in her first game. I guess I will be forced to root for Queens for once! Welcome to Derby, Ali. Hope you survive the experience!

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