Is it living in New York City that is driving me to fits of irrational anger, or am I just generally really grumpy lately? You know those guys who stand on popular street corners and try to talk to you about Children International, or Green Peace or what-not (you may not have these guys in other cities) I literally screamed in one of their faces today because he was being a bit to insistent on talking to me as I was trying to get past to buy lunch.

I screamed.

In a really mean manner.

I think I may need to get out of the city for a while.

2 Response to "Irrational"

  • Anonymous Says:

    I'm sure you weren't the first person to yell today.

    I once work as a canvasser of the Clean Water Action in Miami - going door to door - there were many a time I had the door slammed in my face, it come with the territory...don't feel to bad.

  • libhom Says:

    I think the world is so stressful, people are likely to snap a bit no matter where they live.