I'm under a bit of a gag order about what I'm currently working on at the office. I've had to sign confidentiality agreements, etc. etc. So... let's pretend that it has to do with giraffes. A show about giraffes. I've been working on said giraffe show off and on for a year, and exclusively for the last 6 months. I have done NOTHING but giraffes since Halloween. This is a highly complex show (a you'd expect from giraffes) and in order to get the story told I have had to multiple renderings. Initially this meant 10. Then it was 35. At last count I have 68 renderings in the packet. 68 that have been kept at least. If you count every rendering that has been done... it is over 300. And I have done 70% of them myself. 300 renderings of giraffes.

I am SO sick of giraffes. I swear to god I have found every photo of giraffes on the internet, not to mention drawing my own. I've manipulated them, redrawn them combined them and literally made them jump through hoops. After two more weeks of this I will hopefully get a break from the giraffes, and let me tell you, it won't be a minute too soon. I HATE me some giraffe right now.

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