Rikki Tikki Tavi Build: Day 4

Things really started moving in a dynamic visual way on the set today. Primary build was completed while I was at work, so I came in to a mostly done set. After rehearsals ended it was my job to start painting and get everything looking like something other than a big block of wood. The company manager and the production manager stayed behind and helped me base everything, and then they left me to my own devices to begin the "scenic" painting. Hard to see the blue painting that I did since it is very close to the same color that is left on the walls from the previous show, but that was my big push for tonight. I also completed all of the curtains and pillows while was rehearsal was in progress, and did some work on some of the prop pieces. Tomorrow night will be the floor, and a start on the Ganesh mural that is inside the nook there, as well as hopefully beginning to put up the greenery.

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