Resolution Check In

We are 4 months in. Let's look back at my 2009 Resolutions and see how I'm doing.

1. Stop buying lunch and start brown bagging.
Well... I did okay with that one for a while. Then I had my first show and tech week blew me away. That was 6 weeks ago, and I have not gone back to brown-bagging yet. I am ready to, and want to get back, but with a (still) broken fridge... not much chance of that happening. Of course, I have another show going into tech o the 12th, so maybe now isn't the best time anyway. Grade: C

2. Another run at a blog a day.
Not TOO bad... Feb was a bad month I missed 4 posts, but I hit every other month so far. With my 365 project (you may have noticed that) I am buying myself some insurance, but I am still hoping to have a blog a day outside of that project. Grade: A-

3. More sketching.
Subway sketches are up from the same period for last year, but the non-subway Moleskine that's been in my bag for months is still blank. Grade: B

4. Exercise.
And here is where we REALLY fall down. As it gets warmer I am caching more, so walking/hiking, but not much else. My personal perception is that I've gained a few pounds this year (no scales, so no way to really know) and I've started drinking soda again pretty regularly. Bad bad bad. Grade: F

Not a terrible average, but no way am I getting into an Ivy League school with those grades...

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