It's been a while since I had a good coincidence to report. Lately I've been watching a tv series that films here in the city, which means that it has the same batch of actors that are always on shows that film here, essentially the cast of Oz. If you've ever seen an actor play more than one character on more than one of the Law and Order shows, chances are he's also in the show I'm watching. Here's where the coincidence starts: One of the actors, a woman that I know primarily from roller derby, but who I also sort of vaguely knew was an actor popped up with a recurring role for about 6 episodes. Oddly enough her character on the show lived in the same building that I lived in when I first moved to New York City. Looking at her imdb credits she was filming the episodes that she appeared in while I was living there as well. Now, 3 years later I've actually met her and know her fairly well. I wonder if I bumped into her during the filming? I remember quite a few shows filming in that area, mosty the Law and Order stuff, but perhaps this was one of them as well?

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