Is it possible that a bad economy may have actually saved my job? For weeks I've been under the impression that my boss was moving the office out of town, and my job with it, due to economic reasons. But an incredibly soft rental market in NYC means that he may be stuck in his lease for the foreseeable future... the decision of whether or not I continue working there after summerstock may be my choice after all... interesting.

3 Response to "Saved?"

  • libhom Says:

    That's an interesting point. Ridiculously high rents have closed down a lot of businesses and cost a lot of jobs here in NYC before the recession.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Much better that's it is your choice in this economic mess. In other times, being semi-forced back to freelance work by a job moving out of the area might not be so scary. I think you are lucky!

  • Dingle Says:

    Oh I am SOOOO jealous that you are going back to Forestburgh!!!!! You will have to tell the deer that I say hello! :)