ADD or Just Boredom?

I hate repetitive tasks, I always have. Ask my mom or any of my grade school teachers about trying to teach me multiplication tables and I'm sure you'll get a story or two. To this day I still can't instantly call up some of the more... uhm... esoteric... multiplications. The 8's give me a lot of trouble.

The set that I am currently working on has had a LOT of repetitive tasks. 12 trees that had to be assembled and painted in three steps. Branches that had to be covered in glue, then glitter. Lengths of fabric that needed rings sewn across the top. A painted pattern that took multiple passes of a template. While working on these tasks for the last few days, (Yes, even Christmas day, thank you transit strike!) my hatred for the repetitive nature of them was in full swing. Id make a pass or two with the template, then assemble a tree. Then I'd sew a few rings on, Then I'd glue some glitter on branches. Eventually I started dividing tasks into segments. 48 branches became three 16 branch groups. Then I'd move on to trees. 12 trees became 3 groups of 4 trees. Dividing this stuff up seemed to make the tasks more palatable. I'm sure if anyone else had been working with me it would have driven them crazy.

After three days of this the set is complete, and I couldn't be prouder. Of the sets that I've seen for this particular theatre I am of t he opinion that this one one of the best. Using a little bit of stock scenery, a LOT of donated fabric, and tons of Christmas ornaments purchased at clearance prices in the floral district I think I've managed to pull off something quite stunning. It was a lot of fun too. It's a children's show so I had a good deal of leeway in the design and was given the freedom to make some fun and exciting choices. I'll be taking pictures later in the week. Tonight though I'm headed to bed, hopefully I won't dream about working in an assembly line or something similar.

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  • bohb Says:

    That reminds me of when an evil set designer decided he had to have 384 sqare feet of brick-work made out of carved foam sheets. He got the joyous task of degrading it with some acid making it almost impossible to get the fricken paint in all the little cracks and holes he made.

    If I ever see that bald punk again, I'm going make him wish he was back in Georgia.

    Happy holidays Cully, miss ya.