The Strike is OVER!

As of 3pm today the Transit Workers Union has officially ended the strike. There will not be full service until after midnight tonight, but I'm happy to see that things are moving again.

Governor Pataki came out yesterday and told the TWU that he refused to allow state mediation until the TWU sent their workers back to the lines. In the end he did allow mediators to go in, but the Union agreed to send workers back without a contract and get the city moving again.

It put a pretty big kink in my work schedule this week, but working freelance allows me to shift things around quite a bit thankfully. The next few days are going to be rough for me, trying to catch up with the work that I've put off though.

Thanks to everyone who wrote me, or commented here, expressing concern for me, and my fellow NYers during this. It was much appreciated.

Subway Sketches will return soon!

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