Family Matters: DAY ONE

The family arrived on my doorstep this morning about two hours before I thought they were scheduled to. I was in the process of washing my bedclothes, and was on the way out the door to the laundry. I got to my stoop, and there they were, stepping out of their taxi from the airport! Oh well, so much for a perfect presentation of the apartment.

After they settled in, and we toured the apartment, we headed out to the big city for a little fun and tourism. There really wasn't much of a plan in place for this first day, so everything was done a bit on the fly. I took them down to the subway and gave them a quick tutorial on navigating the system, they'll need to be able to do this without me in a day or two (provided it's running of course). Then we took a jaunt down to Times Square. I showed them around that area a bit, taking a moment to pick up this week's comics at Midtown, and grabbing a couple slices of pizza. We walked down Broadway to Macy's to take in a New York instituation: the Macy's Christmas Windows. The windows this year are very sweet, six motorized pop-up books that each show an iconic New York holiday moment. They include the Thanksgiving Parade, Santa at Macy's, the Rockefeller Center tree, The Rockettes, the Nutcraker and, New Year's in Times Square.

The family was cold, and tired having walked almost 2 miles. I'm always amazed at how much further I can walk after living here for a few years, but I have to defer to the family, so we decided to cut things short and head home for the evening. Once there I gave them a short primer on Project:RUNWAY, because of course I HAD to watch it. They were sucked in too, since it's an excellent show.

Tomorrow is Chinatown, (and a meeting for me) and my Mystery Date with my mom. A bit more of a planned day.

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