Well, that's what a SCAD education gets you.

It's (not) hard for me to hide my (not so) secret glee at the fact that the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) graduate was the first cut from this year's Project:RUNWAY. I've never had a problem telling anyone what I thought of The Evil Empire. Parents, if you are considering sending your kids, kids if you are considering going, please, PLEASE, PLEASE do your reasearch. Talk to some students, and NOT just the robots that the recruiters will put in front of you. At the very least email me.

Ahhhhh. SCAD defeated. This is what heartfelt joy is like. I could get used to this.

Okay... moving on. I was nervous that Project:RUNWAY was going to be a one shot phenomenon, and that this season was going to be a sad shadow of the beauty that was last season. It looks like I was wrong. The first two episodes were engaging, and fun, I love the new designers, and the clips of what was coming up this season? Well... I can't wait. Thumbs up from me Bravo. You got me hooked again.

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  • michelle Says:


  • Cully Says:

    Yeah... Sorry to spoil the first episode for you, but I had to get that out. Did you get to see it?

  • michelle Says:

    i haven't seen them. probably won't get to...so you'll have to keep me informed!

  • Nita Says:

    I'm not knowledgeable about any art schools, but just discovered this show and instantly DESPISED this woman. She was instant Gag with her personality and dress creation (brought out the cattiness in me, for sure!)

    I was so glad to see her go.

  • iheartsara Says:

    hey i actually go to SCAD...
    1) i don't hate SCAD...i have made really nice friends
    2) i know theyve fixed the place up and the program up a bit...
    3) im thinking of transfering to new york city (parsons/new school)
    4) i wonder about ur experience (u seem like ud like to share...and i noticed ur in new york tooo)
    5) i dunno savannah doesnt feel very creative too me...i dont think im getting alot for my money and it doesnt seem like we get alot of outlets for creativity.

    sara (freashmen at scad..from nj...thanks)

  • iheartsara Says:

    btw ready made magazine is amazing