Goin' Walkabout

I took yesterday off in hopes that all of this would get resolved somehow over night, and I wouldn't have to walk, but it doesn't seem that that is likely to happen anytime soon. The strike still rages, and so do New Yorkers. The Mayor, the newspapers, the international headquarters of the Transit Workers Union, and a growing majority of New Yorkers are pissed as hell at the transit workers. The Mayor called them criminals. The papers have called the rats and worse. The international union has politically distanced themselves from it all. There's an infamous clip of a guy in Penn Station yesterday screaming that the workers should be fired.

I can't delay going to the theatre anymore, I have to get some work in, not to mention I have a meeting for another job in the same area today, and so I'm bundling up, and heading out. Mapquest says that I have an 8.5 mile distance to travel. There are some options to shorten how much of this I actually have to walk, including picking up a ride at the 96th street checkpoint (no cars are allowed past that point without 4 riders), or walking over to Metro-North and riding the last few stops into Grand Central.

I wanted to begin hiking... I guess now as good a time as any.

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