A New York Christmas

Roommate K and I decided that since my family was coming here next week, and this is the first Christmas season in the new apartment that a tree would be in order. Last week we bought a bevy of ornaments, courtesy of the Martha Stewart collection at K-Mart, all color coordinated and pretty of course. Today we decided that it was time to get a move on and get a tree to hang them on. An artificial tree is out of the question, as we have no storage space as it is, so adding a large box in a few weeks would have simply cramped things further. So we settled on a live tree. We bought it from a street vendor, this particular one being in midtown. What made it a unique NYC experience though was the fact that we bought it at midnight, and carried it home on the subway. The subways are notorious for people carrying oversized objects, (I once saw a guy with a 5' Chippendale chest of drawers that I have no idea how he negotiated onto the train in the first place) so no one really looked twice at us. We carried it about 100 blocks uptown, and situated into our little apartment.

The vendor was a Canadian with a thick accent that assured us that the tree was cut within the last three days from a farm in Nova Scotia then driven to the city. He explained that it was the finest quality tree that could be found in the city. (Of course, should we expect less at midnight on a street corner?)

It's sitting out there now, resting, and settling in from it's trip, the branches settling back into a natural shape that we'll decorate tomorrow. It's a cute little tree, about 5 feet, and very fat and round. I can't wait to see what it looks like all decorated and decked out.

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