Christmas Memories

Inspired by Paul Madonna this morning, some random Christmas memories from my family.

Waiting for the lights on the giant cedar in my great aunts front yard.

Ornaments with our names and birthdays hand-painted on by my mom.

My aunt's green jello salad.

My dad winning a gigantic stocking at a work raffle.

My grandmother insisting on reading us the biblical story, though none of us really paid attention.

Fighting with my cousins over ornaments made from rolls of Lifesavers and yarn.

Scouring the Sears Wishbook for just the right toys. He-Man, Crystarr, Weebles, Super Powers.

Trying to figure out who drew our names at the big family gathering.

Driving through the country with my mom, searching for just the right place to pull off and begin the hunt for our Christmas tree.

2 Response to "Christmas Memories"

  • michelle Says:

    you've forgotten some adult christmas memories...remembering never to take your picture with anyone other than michelle and hang it on the tree. sweetie, how could you forget that it's all about me!

  • Cully Says:

    That's twice you've warned me about that. Where has this fear come from? I promise, no framed ornaments with anyone else but you.