Subway Sketches: STRIKE!!

As of 3am the Transit Workers Union, Local 100, have walked off the job.

There is no news as to when the union and the MTA will be going back to the negotiating table. The last time that the union actually walked off the job was 1980 and they lasted 11 days before going back to work. Of course that strike was during the summer, not the day before the first day of winter. We'll see how long the city holds out THIS time.

So, I guess this means that Subway Sketches is also on strike for the time being. Maybe it's a silly thing to worry about since this means that in order for me to get to work this week I'll have to walk over 150 blocks, but still, I'll miss my subways for lots of reasons.

At the moment I'm waiting for the car that we booked for my family to get to the airport at 7:45. After they get out and are safely at the airport I'll be less worried about all this.

2 Response to "Subway Sketches: STRIKE!!"

  • Jill Says:

    don't know you, but you and the people in your situation have been on my mind like you wouldn't believe today. i live midwest usa, so we all have our own cars from the time we can drive (which is usually a few years before we can drive legally). the idea of being stranded w/o my OWN transportation horrifies me, but to consider being stranded w/o my own transportation and w/o public transportation just seems unrealistic! i think i would be using up my sick days! of course to you, you'll consider me a real weiner when you find that i took a taxi from the wtc marriott to the statue of liberty ferry station in jan of 2000 b/c it was too far to walk in the cold. funny the things we learn to deal w/ as a typical part of "our world", huh?

    take care and my thoughts/prayers are w/ you and your "neighbors'. hope you holidays are wonderful and filled w/ family/friends/love to make this situation more livable.

  • Rayna Says:

    Good grief - I remember the subway strike when Lindsay was mayor - they walked off at midnight, New Year's Eve. 22 days.

    My daughter and son-in-law just moved to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and work on the west side. They can hardly walk to work.
    Aarggggh. Only in NY.