Pros and Cons

The time of year has come for me to start considering seriously what I want to do with my career for the summer.

Summerstocks are fickle places, and the designers that work there are no less flighty. That creates a recurring loop where in the theatres start seeking out their staffs earlier every year to get the best people, and the designers work to keep their options as open as possible while at the same time seeming to have committed to some place, usually a stand-by favorite, knowing that they'll dump that commitment if something better comes in the next day's email.

I've been asked to return to the theatre where I worked last year, (look at the archives for June, July, and August for that whole story), and of course I am considering it. I've done exactly what I said... basically they know that I will return there unless something better comes along. I was very honest about it. I've read over my archives so that I have a refreshed memory of what last summer was like (an added benefit of blogging) and to try to influence my current decision.

Pro: With a year under my belt I can do a much better job knowing the condition of the theatre, the tools, the stock, etc.
Con:The relative obscurity of the theatre. I feel I may be able to get a better position this year.

Pro: Several of my friends are returning.
Con: A few (very few, but a few nonetheless) of the returnees are people that I'd rather not spend the summer with.

Pro: Two of the scheduled shows are very exciting to me as a designer.
Con: Two of the 7 shows are not only shows that I am not interested in designing, but shows that I feel are wrong for the theatre, and will make my life difficult.

Pro: Stars, trees, woodsmoke.
Con: No cell service, no internet access, a huge diminishment of connection to the rest of the world.

Pro: Being away from the city for a while, having hiking trails, fishing, rafting, and animals nearby.
Con: Having access to nothing besides Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Shop-Rite.

Pro: Not having to worry about finding work or a job for several months.
Con: Not having easy access to finding other work, or work for after my return to the city.

I have about two weeks before this quasi-decision has to become a reality.

2 Response to "Pros and Cons"

  • bohb Says:

    last summer was one of my favorite summers ever. Shikata Ga Nai

  • michelle Says:

    well, the real question is have you put forth enough of an effort that another, maybe even better, job might open up? if not, go for the summer gig.

    i like paris the last week of about you?