Work Dilemmas: UPDATED

Yesterday I went for an interview for a show that needs a designer. The show is exactly the type of show that I shouldn't be doing anymore. The budget is tiny, the restricted use of the theatre is ridiculous, the requirements of the show outstrip what I'd be able to give it with the limitations, and the pay is basically nonexistent. I should have turned the show down on the spot.

The problem is that the director may end up being a good contact. He has a goodly number of shows under his belt, (though none on Broadway) and is what is known as a "working actor." He has the NYC filming trifecta on his resume, he's a regular on Law and Order, and has appeared on Sex and the City and Oz. You can barely call yourself a serious actor in this city if you don't have at least two of these shows on your resume. If you can manage to catch The Sopranos as well, you're golden. So, as an actor at least this guy has the potential to be big, his directing credits are sketchier, which is of course where my interests really lie.

So I'm faced with the dilemma of doing a show that will undoubtedly be annoying in the extreme, for compensation that amounts to little more than a hope that I impress a guy that might end up giving me future work.

Wow, doesn't sound like such a choice when you spell it all out like that does it?

UPDATE: Jan 25, 4:17pm
Well, this decision has been taken out of my hands. The producers called this morning to inform me that they had decided to go with a designer that they had used before (as is often the case in these small budget/small venue shows). Oh well.

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