Well, I'm a few steps closer to getting this taken care of. Like most communities New York has a health care center based on income and need. The William H. Ryan Health Center has several locations throughout town, and once you become a member of their network your visits are subsidized by their foundation. X-rays and other basic tests are included in the cost of your visit, and prescriptions are a maximum patient input of $5. The basic visit price is based on your income, as determined by last year's tax returns. I have an appointment with them next week. A HUGE thank you to Aaron for pointing this out to me, and suggesting that I look into it.

Of course now that I have an appointment the pain has subsided a bit, or perhaps I was just putting less strain on myself yesterday. I managed to get through most of the day without much difficulty. Though I was still "aware" of my knee, in a way that I wasn't aware of... say... my left elbow. Of course I went out of my way to transfer trains more, and walk less. (I typically would prefer to walk 5 or 10 extra blocks than to wait for a transfer between subways.) And I walked just a touch over a mile by my estimation, as opposed to my typical 3 miles a day. I love walking in the city, and can't stand the thought of lessening that though.

I hate being "sick."

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