Subway Sketches Part LXXXVIII

I seem to be creating accidental "series" of drawings lately. Last week it was couples sleeping against each other, and for the last few days it seems to be square jawed guys in hats, in straight on poses. Serendipity in drawing perhaps.

9 Response to "Subway Sketches Part LXXXVIII"

  • Lindsay Says:

    Cully,I'm crazy about your work. and I love seeing your day job work too!

  • Terri Says:

    Cully your work is fantastic. I've really enjoyed looking through your subway sketches. These latest few....are the subjects aware that you are sketching them? They seem to be looking right at you.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Those 2 looks great.


  • Kate Says:

    I love the quality of line and value, Cully! Wonderful...


  • Roma Says:

    I can't wait until 1) I can sketch that well, 2) I can sketch that quickly, 3) I loose my fear of sketching in public.

    Good job, well done.

  • Julie Oakley Says:

    Cully your work is wonderful. How much of the drawing gets finished while the subject is there? Do you manage to do all the tonal filling in whilst on the train or do you finish it off later?

  • Marie-Dom Says:

    These subway sketches are fabulous. Do you really do them on the subway, in situ???? I am so impressed with them, they are full of character and each one tells a story about the person.

  • Teri C Says:

    You really capture a person's personality with your wonderful sketches! I love them all.

  • Cully Says:

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful compliments!

    Marie-dom, yes I really do sketch on the train, it's been witnessed by my family, among other readers here!

    Julie, excuse my repetition, but I just posted about this to the EDM message baords, here is an edited version of that post:

    my best answer is... it depends. Some of the sketches are finished 100% on the train, others I embellish afterwards. Things change based on how
    long my ride is, how long the model is there, how crowded the train is, whether I'm sitting or standing... any number of factors.

    I try to do as much work on the train as I can, both for "authenticity's" sake and for my own exercise. I generally rough in enough of a sketch that I can finish it without the model, just in case I lose them. You never can tell when someone is going to get
    off the train after all. After the basic rough I start refining things concentrating on the face usually, getting the most important details in. My sketchbooks are littered with half finished sketches that consist of a face surrounded by a rough sketch of hair and clothes. The ones I post are the more "complete" ones.

    This one for example was about 85% done when I left the train. I added the details of the sweater,
    finished the shading on the jacket and shaded his cap. I had already drawn the ribs of the cap on the
    train. Both of the ones from yesterday were completed on the train.

    This discussion is the reason I posted the less finished piece earlier today.