We currently have a house guest, a friend of Roommate M who is moving to the city, but her job was ready before her apartment, so she's occupying an air mattress here until then. It's been fun watching her adjust to the city, learn the ins and outs of the subway, things like that.

Last night it snowed. My first thought was street flooding and salt dried in the cuffs of my jeans. Slushy sidewalks and half frozen piles left by the street plows. Her first thoughts were the joy of a snowfall, the beauty of it. Both of us grew up in a place where the amount of snow we received last night (about 4") would have crippled the city. Here most of it is gone by the time I write this. Plowed into piles and pushed to the side by supers with salt bags and shovels.

I've never liked snow, at least not as an adult, so I won't wax poetic about how I've lost some sense of wonder regarding the stuff. It was endearing and cute to watch someone who does have a sense of wonder about it though.

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