Subway Sketches: METAPOST

Some of the folks at the Everyday Matters yahoo group have asked me about posting one of my less finished sketches as a glimpse into process. I had to bump up the contrast in Photoshop in order to get the undersketch to show up clearly, so it looks a little "burned" but here it is. I try to get as much information down as I can in a short time so that I can complete these sketches if my model happens to get off the train too quickly. Then I tackle the details, usually face first, then hair, or clothing details. Occasionally I'll finish off a sketch back at my apartment, evening out the shading, or finalizing details like texture of clothing.

7 Response to "Subway Sketches: METAPOST"

  • Lin Says:

    EVEN your preliminaries are awesome!! Thanks for sharing this ... it helps me THINK more about what I FIRST put onto paper and where it should be going ...

  • Julie Oakley Says:

    I really like the partly unfinished look of this drawing. I think it works as it is

  • Terri Says:

    Cully, thank you for this. I agree with both Lin and Julie. Your unfinished work is just as amazing as the finished pieces and like Julie, I too like this piece the way it is. The face is the important part and you have captured that beautifully. The rest is hinted at and left to our imagination. There's a lot to be said for that too. :o)

  • Rayna Says:

    This is UNFINISHED? It's perfect, as is. Love your sketches - but then, I am always drawn to faces.
    thanks for sharing.

  • Cully Says:

    Thanks all for the compliments. Back at Christmas my sister suggested that I post the unfinished ones as well, saying that they had their own appeal, but it just feels strange. I guess she was right after all. Maybe Ill post more unfinished stuff in the future, it seems to be a hit!

  • Felicity Says:

    This is so interesting, I'm glad you will be posting more. I love the angularity of your drawings.

  • Lauralyn Says:

    I wish you would make a habit of posting the unfinished ones, they are wonderful too....also, I was told once that you don't have to connect the lines in every drawing, leave something for the viewer to finish/imagine - I think this would apply to unfinished sketches too.