Here I sit, a few days later, two more first date notches on my gun handle.

Turns out that the Architect was first, it was one of the better first dates I've ever had. Fun, flirty, easy conversation with a charming man. We'll see how it goes this week.

The Artist followed up the next day. Good conversation, though not as easy. I walked away with more of a friend vibe than a romantic one... but you never know.

The rarer second date notches have been harder for me to claim of late, but I'd be happy to receive on from either.

The Scientist seems to have faded. Probably for the best based on distance and what-not.

I continue to be proactive though. I've had correspondence with two others this week. Pit-bull determination. That's what I have on this subject.

4 Response to "Postdated"

  • Dianne Says:

    Like the new look for the blog. Playful!

  • michelle Says:

    "gun handle" this some code i'm not aware of, because you are so not that butch!

    exactly how have you gone from the conversation we had on the phone the night of architect date #1 to your statements in this posting? seems like a complete turn around.

    i'm also amused by the "pit-bull determination" align yourself with an animal that gets put down more than any other.

    i love you anyway!

    OHHH!!!! karen is pregnant! i'm an autie!!!! whoo hoo!

  • Cully Says:

    No reversal! Just a simplification. I told you'd I had reservations about him but that I'd probably see him again.

    Gun, gun-belt, bedpost, belt... all the same metaphor.

    Yeah, well... My efforts often end up with me getting put down too... so the choice was apt.